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Docker for ft_server


This project is aimed to introduce to system administration. It will make aware of the importance of using scripts to automate tasks. For that, it will discover the "docker" technology and use it to install a complete web server. This server will run multiples services: Wordpress, phpMyAdmin, and a SQL database.

Useful concepts & subtopics below


Some Docker instructions look similar and cause confusion among developers who just started using Docker or do it irregularly. In this post I will explain the difference between CMD, RUN, and ENTRYPOINT on examples.

In a nutshell

  • RUN executes command(s) in a new layer and creates a new image. E.g., it is often used for installing software packages.
  • CMD sets default command and/or parameters, which can be overwritten from command line when docker container runs.
  • ENTRYPOINT configures a container that will run as an executable.

LEMP Stack

What is a LEMP stack? Linux Engine-X Mariadb PHP Stack (LEMP). It’s pretty much similar stack of components as LAMP, except the Apache is being replaced by nginx. Pronounced “engine-x”, which explain the E on “LEMP”, nginx is a HTTP proxy application with reputably much smaller footprints compared to Apache, allowing it to handle higher load of HTTP requests.

LEMP Tutorials

How to Install NGINX web serber on Debian Buster(10)

Click here for a tutorial.

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Wordpress Installation

Click here for a tutorial on how to install Wordpress on LEMP stack server.

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